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Welcome To Chroma

Chroma[Kroh-muh] noun.
1. The measurement of how pure or intense a color is.

  1. The Greek word for color.

Chroma Auto Detail restoring your vehicles depth, clarity, and shine.

Who Is Chroma Auto Detail

To provide our clients with outstanding service and innovative detailing solutions designed to enhance and protect your automotive investment.
We here at Chroma believe that your vehicle is a reflection of who you are. It may even be your biggest investment. Perhaps it is your connection to the past. An heirloom passed down. Your very first vehicle, one you saved up for and have had since you were in high school. It’s been a part of every vacation and every trip to grandmas. It’s not just a car. We treat every Exotic, car, motorcycle, classic, truck, SUV… Everything as if it were our own.
Chroma will go above and beyond your expectations. We will listen to you and explain our process in great detail. If a job ends up being less work than originally thought we will let you know and pass the savings on to you. We use only top notch products that fix not ones that cover up. We do not double and triple book. Your vehicle will be treated with the upmost care as if it were our own. Although we will take our time doing it right we will still get it back to you in a timely manner. Seeing your vehicle after we are done with it will bring a smile to your face.

10157329_822479351113885_40065018_nThe day Wes got the keys to the shop


Meet The Chroma Family

Wesley developed his love of cars at an early age thanks to his father. Together they spent many hours tinkering away, restoring classics and even building race cars. In his teens Wesley acquired a job in the detail department of a dealership. In his twenties he went out on his own and started a successful mobile detail business. Today his passion and love of cars is just as strong as it was those 30 some years ago when he first started. Wesley is constantly striving to learn and try new products and techniques in an industry that is constantly changing and growing
Leslie likes to stick to the shadows and leave the detailing to the professionals. She is responsible for all things Social media. The graphics, website, and most of the photography. Now and then you may get a glimpse of her with a shop dog in tow.
Shop dogs
Shop dogsPublic relations and employee morale boosters
From time to time you may get a glimpse of one of our “shop” dogs. There is Dexter, the beagle who likes nothing more than to sleep and eat. Sofie, our old Catahoula who acts like a puppy. Bodhi, the sassy little schipperke mix who likes to smile. Willow, the shy little chiweenie and hunter of bugs. Finally there is our official shop dog in training, Bentley the Treeing Walker Coonhound. Don’t worry when the do make an appearance it is always only one at a time.