2015 Acura MDX

Water spot Removal


Glass Coat

Wes had the pleasure of removing some water spots and applying a Glass Coat to this 2015 Acura MDX.

Glass Coating

Glass coating is a protectant for your car made of silica.  It is a clear transparent liquid which hardens quickly. When glass coating hardens it forms a protective shield.  That extra layer has numerous benefits:

  • Improves the solidness of your paint by hardening it an extra 20%.
  • It has a shine like a mirror with a high gloss finish.
  • Glass coating deflects dirt so your vehicle stays cleaner longer.
  • Protects against the elements of weather and UV rays on your paint job keeping the sheen longer and it is anti-corrosive.

This revolutionary new coating is flexible and breathes which is perfect for the life of your paint job.  When cared for properly it can last beyond its predicted three year life span.

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