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Protect Your Investment

Glass Coatings

For that wet candy look.

  • Excellent Durability & Protection
  • Measurable Thickness
  • Hardness
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Resistant to Contamination
  • Hydrophobic Properties
  • Intense Gloss and Shine

Glass coat will provide several years of life, while offering excellent protection against UV damage, hard water spots, bird bombs, and other typical risks associated with daily driving.  Glass Coat tends to be much more chemical resistant than traditional forms of protection and will stand up to environmental hazards much better in the long run.  Many of us have become accustom to performing a light polish on our vehicles every couple of years to remove minor swirls, water spots, and other defects that have developed on the surface.  This polishing process, while usually light, is still removing a small layer of our clear coat.  Due to the added thickness of Glass Coat (typically between 1-3µm), any light defects that occur after a coating has been installed will reside in the coating and not in the clear coat.  The next time you need to lightly polish your vehicle, you will simply be removing the coating and little not the clear coat.  This thick layer of protection also helps to make sure bird bombs, bug splatter, and other harmful contaminates never actually reach your clear coat.  This will help to preserve your vehicle’s appearance for a very, very long time!  Paint coatings resist dirt and dust better than traditional protection, so your vehicle will stay cleaner for longer periods of time.  Your paint will be extremely easy to wash because dirt wipes away easily – no scrubbing is required if you properly maintain your vehicle.  Fewer contaminates will bond to the surface of the coating, so you will find that you will need to clay your vehicle much less often.
Last, but certainly not least, is the amazing gloss associated with paint coatings.  Your vehicle will look fantastic, be easier to maintain, and be very well protected.

Kamikaze Wax

Lord of the Waxes.

Kamikaze Infinity Wax has 53.7% pure Brazilian hard white carnauba, a natural product famed for brilliant shine and gloss, they’ve topped that with 39.2% Japanese glass coating which will give you incredible durability. It’s a magical combination that justifies the price. It is a high-tech wax that combines the ultimate aesthetics and water-repellent performance.

Fabric Protectant

Repelling the best a toddler has to throw at it.

Keep your fabrics fresh, soft, colorful and breathable all while adding a powerful coating that repels water and prevents the most serious of stains. Our Fabric Protectant is perfect for restoring lost water and stain repellency of cloth convertible tops. Also prevents your convertible top’s seams from wicking. Keep your floor mats clean and leather interiors fresh.

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