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Chroma Auto Detail is Bakersfield best place for restoring your vehicle to show room quality.  Below you will find many of the restorative services we offer along with some examples of Wes’ amazing work.  If you have any questions or do not see the service you are looking for please give us a call! (661) 392-0362

The following services require us to see and sometimes feel the vehicle before a fair and reasonable quote may be given.  Quotes for these services will not be given over the phone or internet.  Thank you for your understanding and patience on this matter.    

Stain Removal

carpet and upholstery cleaning.

We don’t just clean the surface.  Chroma uses a deep penetrating hot water extractor and professional grade enzyme based cleaners to get all of the stain (and smell) out.  In the case of some spills such as milk seats and coverings are removed.  Exceptional care is taken with specialty leathers and heated seats.
Detailing Packages and Starting Quotes

Paint Correction

Paint Correction is the process of correcting defects in paint such as marring, scratches, oxidation bird drop etching and so on.  Polishing, buffing, color sanding, and applying specially made solvents are just a few examples of the correction process.  Our Exterior, Mini, and Full Detail packages have a LIGHT level of Paint Correction included in the package.  Where as our Executive Detail includes a full on Paint Correction.
Paint Correction can be a tricky process and it is very important that only a skilled professional with a deep understanding in the different types of paints and clear coats attempt it.  Burning of the paint, going through the clear coat, or removing an edge can happen very easily.  However Paint Corrections can keep your vehicle out of the paint shop, saving you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

Bring your Vehicle in for a free and detailed walk-a-round with Wesley for a Paint Correction package catered specifically for your vehicle and its needs.

Color Sanding

Color Sanding is available on custom painted vehicles only although a few exceptions may be made.  We absolutely MUST see a vehicle in person before we will commit to a color sanding job.  With most factory paint, the coat too thin and the paint/clear coat itself is too soft.  Single stage custom paint jobs are ideal.
Color sanding is the process of wet or dry sanding the surface of the paint with a very fine sandpaper.  This knocks down any orange peeling, or other uneven paint.

Scratch Removal

Scratched paint does not always mean an expensive trip to the paint shop.  In a lot of cases depending on the depth and the location, the scratch can safely be diminished or removed entirely.  So before heading to the paint shop come on by for a free estimate!  Wesley has saved many cars from the dreaded shopping cart or dog claw.

Water Spot Removal

Water spots can be tricky sometimes.  Done wrong with the wrong products can cause the spots to become a permanent feature of your vehicle or worse destroy paint and trim.  Chroma has the proper techniques and products for the right paint and water spots.

Branding & Decal Removal

Chroma will properly and safely remove emblems, trim, and decals for a nice clean custom look.

Headlight Restoration

If toothpaste worked and bug spray was safe on paint professional auto detailers would all retire and move to Hawaii by the age of 30.  Think of the profit margins!  Quick fixes work quick then the irreversible damage rears its ugly head and you are getting fix it tickets and spending $500 and more on a new headlight cover and paint job.  Chroma does it safely, and properly.  Wet sanding, buffing, polishing, conditioning, and finally SEALING with specialty formulated products.  For a long lasting, clear headlight that is protected from the elements.

Window Tint Removal

Convertible Soft Top Treatment

Leather, Plastic, and Vinyl Restoration

Graffiti Removal

Over Spray Removal

And More!

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